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Fur Feathers Flippers Fins was created by the ultimate animal lovers for the pet owner. We don’t specialize in one type of pet, and instead, we’ve enlisted the help of several animal experts to provide you with care and nutrition guides no matter the type of pet you have. 


On our site, you’ll be able to read about birds, rabbits, critters, dogs and cats, aquatic animals, among many others. Our number one priority is to help you care for your pet without wasting time researching or money. 

Our mission

Our mission at Fur Feathers Flippers Fins is to help pet owners and make their lives a little easier.


We strive to provide up-to-date information and guidance on how to care for any pet, whether you have a tank of fish, a rabbit hutch in the backyard, or a new puppy needing your attention and care. 


Thanks to our team of experts, we’re able to provide you with accurate information regarding nutrition, care, and of course, play. We offer a range of guides as well as unbiased reviews and recommendations to help save you time and money.

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Karen Sanders Veterinarian

Carl Johnson Veterinarian

Lucy Xing Veterinay Specialist

Jacob Cooper Small Animal Expert

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