So you’ve found the perfect bird cage for your parrot or canary, but what about a bird cage stand? It doesn’t look very nice when the cage stays on the floor and up in the air your pet will have a nicer view and feel more at home.

In this article, we’ll choose the best bird cage stand for 2021 by reviewing our top three picks. These are:

What To Think About When Buying a Bird Cage Stand

Before we get into the review section, consider the following things when looking for a bird cage stand.


This is the most important aspect to keep in mind when choosing a bird cage stand. We all know birds like to be up in the air, and they need to get a good view of the room they’re in in order to feel safe. However, put the cage too high up and your feathery friend might feel like it’s superior to you. Even higher up, they’ll feel isolated and lonely.

The ideal height for a bird cage is your chest height. This equals about 50-65 inches for most people. Make sure that your stand lifts the cage up to this level.


Having wheels on your bird cage stand will make it more maneuverable and easier to move around depending on where you want your bird to be. Just be sure that the stand remains stable as well and is supported by four legs.

Level Surface

If you choose a bird cage stand such as a table or shelf, make sure the surface is completely level. If your bird cage hangs freely from the stand, you don’t have to take this into consideration.

Style and Build

The best bird cage stand is the one that fits your home the best. Your options range from colorful plastic to shiny metal and some even have an antique look. Naturally, it should go with the look of your bird cage as well.

Also, consider how big your bird cage stand needs to be if you want to place your cage on top of it. It needs to fit as well as be robust enough to hold the weight of your bird’s home. For sturdiness, stands made from metal such as steel usually win since they’re very strong.

Reviews of the Top 3 Bird Cage Stands

Now that you know what to look for in a bird cage stand, let’s take a look at some products.


Prevue Pet Products Hanging Bird Cage Stand

Our Thoughts

This is a great and affordable alternative if you want your bird cage to hang above the ground. This hanging cage stand is 62 inches high which is the ideal height for your bird to be at. It’ll be able to look around the room comfortably while not feeling isolated and lonely. Note that the height isn’t adjustable, however, so if you’re on the shorter side this might not be the ideal product for you.

As for sturdiness, this stand is made from heavy-duty steel and has a four leg base, so it will stay put and be able to support the weight of your bird cage. It’s available in black or white to fit your home the best. Customers also like how easy it is to put together and state that it only takes about 10 minutes.

Less popular is the fact that this cage stand doesn’t have any wheels so users find it cumbersome to move. Some also report that the coating scratches easily which doesn’t give the nicest-looking cage stand after some time.

  • Great price.
  • Ideal height for a bird cage stand.
  • Heavy duty steel that’s durable.
  • 4 leg support base.
  • Quick and easy to put together.
  • Comes in monochrome black or white.
  • Difficult to move around.
  • The paint scratches easily.
Our Thoughts

Users love the elegant look of this bird cage stand with its black finish, curved body, and round hook. They also praise its sturdiness being constructed from quality steel, and the circular base around its four legs adds to how stable this stand is.

Another plus is that this bird cage stand is coated to last both indoors and outdoors. It will hold your bird cage in place but it’s also built to function as a flower basket or bird feeder holder. Also, it’s easy to assemble with only two pieces to put together.

With the Ashman Shepard stand, your bird cage will hang about 46 inches off the ground which is a little low for most birds. Several buyers also complain that this hanger is delivered in a thin box that doesn’t protect the product very well during delivery. Some state that their bird cage stand arrived with defects because of this.

  • Looks sleek and elegant.
  • Sturdy steel construction and base.
  • Can be used inside and outside.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Is a little low.
  • Packaging doesn’t protect the stand during delivery.
Our Thoughts

If you’re looking for a bird cage stand that keeps the cage on a flat surface and not up in the air, this is an alternative of high quality. The greatest feature of this product is the four wheels that make the cage easy to move around when you’re cleaning, for example. You can also pull out the tray from underneath the cage with this stand while keeping it in place.

Users like the added shelf that’s equipped on this stand since it’s a great place to store food or cleaning supplies for the cage. They also report that this stand has a sturdy, metal construction that won’t come apart.

But some customers complain that the wheels don’t lock in place which makes the stand less stable. Also, it’s prone to rust. Finally, this bird cage stand is only about 32 inches tall which puts your bird lower than chest height. Your pet should be higher up so it can observe its surroundings better.

  • Easy to move around due to its wheels.
  • The additional shelf is great for storage.
  • Metal construction is sturdy.
  • Easy to pull out the bird cage tray and clean it.
  • The wheels don’t lock in place.
  • It tends to rust.
  • Lower than what’s ideal for a bird cage.

Conclusion: Which Is the Best Bird Cage Stand?

a fluffy white bird perched on a tree branch inside a cage

All things considered, our favorite bird cage stand for 2021 is the Prevue Pet Products Hanging Bird Cage Stand. It puts your bird cage at the ideal height, is quick and easy to assemble, and is affordable as well.

If you’re looking for a stand with wheels that is easier to maneuver, go for the Prevue 446 Bird Cage Stand instead.

But which bird cage stand is your favorite?


Karen Sanders