Bird owners need to find a home for their feathery friend where they’ll feel safe and have enough space to move around. The cage should also be easy to keep clean to provide a hygienic space for your bird to live.

Enter Vision bird cages. These are safe, easy to keep clean, and will look good in your living room as well. In this article, we’ll pick the best Vision bird cage by reviewing the following:

Things To Consider When Buying a Cage for a Small Sized Bird

Vision makes cages specifically for smaller-sized birds including canaries, cockatiels and budgies. Keep the following things in mind when picking out your Vision bird cage.


In general, the larger the size of the cage the better. Your bird needs space to move around or else it will feel stressed and might develop health issues. If you keep several birds together, this is especially important. Every bird should have enough space to stretch their wings out without hitting anything, and ideally also some room to fly.

For smaller-sized birds, aim for a cage that’s at least 20 inches wide, but ideally 24 inches or wider. The length at least be about 17 inches and for height 20 inches is also a good benchmark. Note that these are the minimum requirements and larger cages are only a good thing.


Veterinarians generally recommend against using round cages since most birds don’t fly straight up and down. Birds will also feel safer in a cage with corners. Rectangular cages provide these corners as well as more space for your pet to move around.


For durability reasons, the best bird cage is made of corrosion-resistant metal such as stainless steel. Metal is also easy to wipe off and clean. The material definitely needs to be non-toxic for birds and lead-free. Antique bird cages can contain poisonous materials to be cautious if this is your cage of choice.

Design for Easy Access

A removable base makes the bird cage super easy to clean. You don’t even have to remove your bird.

Also, a cage with several doors is superior since it makes it easier for you to access your bird for playtime and have separate doors for food. If you have two doors located across from each other, you can put a broad branch through the cage for your bird to walk on.

Other Features

These are some additional features that make a cage a good buy:

  • Cage locks: Keep your bird safe inside its home.
  • Wheels and handles: Makes it easier to move the cage.
  • Perches: Designed to give your bird a place to sit and play on.
  • Storage: Storage space underneath the cage is an added plus.

Reviews of the Top 3 Vision Bird Cages

Now, let’s see how well our top three Vision bird cages live up to these requirements.

Our Thoughts

The Vision M01 is a rectangular cage that’s 25 inches wide and 21 inches high which is a great fit size-wise for smaller birds such as finches and parakeets. It’s only 16 inches long though which could be extended a few inches for the ideally sized cage.

Customers especially praise the M01 for its sturdiness, being built from metal. After an easy assembly by snapping together the individual sides, it stays in place. The cage also has two doors for food access as well as doors parallel to each other so that you can use a longer perch with ease. In summary, it comes with plenty of doors for easy access.

As an additional plus, this bird cage also comes with perches and food bowls. It also has handles that makes it easy to lift and move around.

The debris guard from plastic attached to the bottom of the cage prevents feces and food from spilling out onto the floor. But the downfall with this feature is that the cage doesn’t come with a pull out tray which some users find makes it difficult to clean. You have to de-attach the cage from the base and lift it off to get rid of all the dirt. However, other users prefer this method so in the end it’s up to your personal preferences.

  • Good width and height for a small bird.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Has several doors that gives you easy access to your bird.
  • Handles for easy transport.
  • Comes with perches and food bowls.
  • Doesn’t have a removable base which makes cleaning more difficult.
  • Could be a little longer.
Our Thoughts

This is a spacious rectangular cage for a small canary or parakeet. It’s 31 inches wide, 17 inches long, and 22 inches high. It’s made from sturdy steel and is easy to assemble by clicking the parts together. It also has a plastic base that prevents food or dirt from falling to the floor.

According to customers, the wires have a great finish that makes it look sleek and the perches with gripping variations that promote blood circulation in your bird’s feet is also a popular feature. Also included are two bird seed and water dishes as well as two waste shields.

The L01 comes with large double front doors that can work as a landing pad for birds returning to their cage.

But talking about doors, this cage doesn’t have any side doors from where you can access your bird. It only has openings for food. Also, the cage tends to rattle a lot which makes for a noisy home.

  • A wide cage perfect for a smaller bird.
  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Looks shiny and sleek.
  • Perches promote healthy bird feet.
  • Large double door functions as landing pads.
  • Lacks side doors for easy access.
  • The cage is rather noisy.
Our Thoughts

The M02 model is higher rather than wide and long, being 34.3 inches tall. This makes it a better fit for keeping two birds in the same cage. However, the 24.6-inch length and 15.6-inch width is only an OK size base wise for small birds.

This bird cage has a plastic debris guard at the bottom which prevents seeds and feces from spilling out on your floor. Users also state that it’s easy to clean. But, while the debris guards pick up some dirt, users state that there’s still spillage from hanging treats.

Customers like that this cage comes with perches and food bowls as an added plus. There are also two handles at the top of the cage that makes it easy to move around.

However, buyers report that the roof of the cage isn’t the sturdiest and that it can fall inwards if any weight is put on top such as a cage top perch or a naughty cat. Note that this is also the most expensive Vision bird cage on our list.

  • High enough to keep two small birds.
  • Comes with perches and food bowls.
  • Handles make the cage easy to move.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • The roof of the cage isn’t sturdy.
  • Rather pricey.

Conclusion: Which Is the Best Vision Bird Cage?

a puffy yellow bird sitting on top of a white cage

In our eyes, the Vision M01 Bird Cage Medium is the best vision bird cage. It keeps sturdy after an easy assembly, has a good-sized rectangular shape and comes with many doors for easy access.
If you’re looking to house two birds, go for the higher Vision M02 Bird Cage instead.



Karen Sanders