The Best Betta Fish Tank (2021)

a red and blue betta swimming around in an aquarium with green plants

Bettas have beautiful, colorful fins and are full of personality. Contrary to popular misconception, these freshwater fish shouldn’t be kept in tiny bowls. They need some space for a healthy environment where they can thrive and live life to the fullest.  

In this article, we’ll go through our top 3 best betta fish tank alternatives in 2021. These are:

What To Consider When Buying a Betta Fish Tank

The main thing you need to keep in mind is that the goal is to create a healthy living environment for your betta. Naturally, this means clean water, the right temperature, lighting, and enough space for your fish to move around.

Tank Size

The most basic thing to consider is tank size. Bettas shouldn’t live in tanks smaller than 3 gallons. Any tinier bowls will lead to poor water quality and are likely to be detrimental to your pet’s long-term health.

The ideal size for a betta aquarium is 5 gallons. This gives a single betta enough space to move around and also prevents a build-up of unhealthy ammonia levels in the water.

Check out this video to learn what type of fish tank NOT to buy.



Bettas don’t thrive in dark environments so you want your fish tank to fit into your living room or bedroom. Measure your space beforehand to see what dimensions you need your aquarium to be.

Tank Lid

Bettas can jump high in the wild. To prevent your pet from jumping out of its aquarium, you need to get a tank lid. This will also help prevent evaporation and provide your betta with the air it needs.


While bettas come from still waters, they live in environments full of plants and organisms that enrichen the ecosystem and keep their habitat clean. It’s not okay for them to live in dirty waters and the best betta fish tank comes with a built-in filter unit. This will keep the water fresh and prevent harmful bacteria and dirt from building up inside the tank.


You want to be able to see your betta and its beautiful colors during the day and night. The best way to go in terms of lighting is LED lights. They give you bright light and are energy efficient. Some even have sun and moonlighting features which will help your betta keep its regular pattern of day and night.


Bettas are native to Cambodia with water temperatures between 76-81 degrees Fahrenheit. Your aquarium should therefore also keep this temperature. Be sure to measure the levels with a thermometer and invest in an in-tank water heater to maintain tropical water temperatures.


Reviews of the Top 3 Betta Fish Tanks

a purple betta in an aquarium with a map as background

Our Thoughts

As for measurements, this is a rather high tank at 17 inches which means that it takes less space on your countertop, for example. It has a sleek design with rounded corners and glass on three sides that allow you to view your betta from multiple angles. The tank further has a closed glass lid.

This aquarium also comes with LED lights, bright white ones for daytime, and blue LEDs for a moonlit glow. Your betta can maintain its natural sleeping patterns with the help of these lights.

However, note that the Marineland aquarium is the most expensive on our list. It doesn’t come with a heater either but the manufacturer states that you can place a heater at the front of the tank and that it’s easy to maintain.

  • Ideal 5-gallon size.
  • 3 stages of filtration.
  • High tank that takes up less space on surfaces.
  • Closed glass lid.
  • Day- and night-time LED lights.
  • Glass on three sides for increased visibility.
  • Rather pricey.

Our Thoughts

If you’re looking for a betta aquarium to place in your office or bedroom where noisy pumps might be annoying, go for the Fluval SPEC III. The pump is powerful with output at 55-80 gallons an hour, but reportedly still very quiet.

With a 5 gallon size and a 3 stage filtering system, your betta will have clean water and plenty of space to explore. As an added plus, both the pump and filter are located at one end of the tank to make cleaning as easy and efficient as possible.

There are 37 powerful 7000 K LED lights in this aquarium which gives enough brightness for betta viewing. However, there is no nighttime setting on the lights which means that you have to switch them off in the evenings and can’t watch your fish after dark.

Also, there’s an open gap in the lid which means that water evaporates faster for this fish tank. It’s not cat-friendly either, and there’s a risk that your betta might jump out.

  • Not noisy at all.
  • Great 5-gallon size
  • 3 stage filtering.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 37 bright LED lights.
  • Lights have no moonlight setting.
  • Not a fully closed tank lid.
Our Thoughts

If you’re looking for a good fish tank for a reasonable price, go for the Koller AquaView. This is a durable plastic tank that’s not made of fragile glass. It gives you a view of your betta from all four sides and has a tank lid that prevents your fish from jumping out.

One cool feature of this aquarium is the LED lights in 7 different colors. You can switch between white, blue, amber, green, purple, aqua, and red and use the LED timer to turn off the lights as you wish. Another added plus is that this tank comes with a filter.

This 3.5 gallon tank is an OK size for a betta but it would benefit from being a little roomier. Customers also feel like the LED lights aren’t as bright as pictured which they found a little disappointing.

  • Bang for your buck.
  • Made from durable plastic.
  • Comes with a tank lid.
  • LED lights in 7 colors.
  • Has a built-in filter.
  • 3.5 gallon tank is slightly small for a betta.
  • LED lights aren’t very bright.

The Takeaway

a silver teal and orange betta in a clear aquarium


So, which is the best betta fish tank for 2021? In our eyes, the Marineland Portrait Glass is the winner. It’s an ideal 5 gallon size for a betta, has a powerful filtering system, and comes with LED lights with day-and nighttime settings.
If you’re looking for something more affordable, the Koller Products AquaView is a great alternative.